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Remote Assistance – Computer repair from distance

In some cases there is no need for us to go to the costumer's home because we are able to solve the problem from distance.  Our colleague can enter into your computer and control your keyboard and mouse. You can watch the whole process sitting in front of your PC while the issue is being solved. This way we are able to install and remove programs or configure your computer if needed. All we need to do this is having internet conncetion and a program installed called Teamviewer. 

What kind of advantages do the Remote Assintace have?
  • It is available from everywhere. It doesn't matter whether you are in Bratislava or in London you can ask for help anytime, you only need internet connection

  • Our colleagues are online most of the time so you have good chances to be served right away

  • There are no shipping charges

Remote Assistance charges
  • 30 minutes of assistance, problem solving - 8 €

  • if you have claimed this service previously then the first 10 minutes is FREE OF CHARGE

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that how long the process is going to be?

You can always contact us via phone or email and we will inform you.

Is it safe to use Remote Assistance through Teamviewer?

Yes, because the communication flows through an encrypted channel and at every beginning of a session is also a password needed.

How do I pay after the service?

You can pay with bank transaction via internet banking or with paypal.

What kind of problems can we solve using Remote Assistance?

We are able to sovle mainly software issues and configure your computer as well. We are not able to repair you hardware from distance though.

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