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Fixing hardware
  • Repairing and replacing parts

  • Cleaning the computer

Data backup

We can back your important data up from your hard disk, flash drive (USB, SD card) even if they are damaged.

Virus removing

When you turn your computer on it runs up very slowly. After it a lot of unnecessary program appear on the screen. A bunch of banners and advertisement pop up while surfing on the internet. In this case you need virus removing immediately.

Installing software
  • Installing operation system

  • Installing other programs (MS Office, anti-virus)

Configuring router

If you need help with your recently bought or used router to be correctly configured let us know!

Installing IT devices

Feel free to contact us to install printers, projectors, webcams or other IT devices. These can be carried out in your home!

  • If you have any questions regarding your PC or have any computer-related issues feel free to contact us

Network configuration

If your network doesn’t come with its specific configuration then you probably need them to be added manually. This kind of issues can be solved in the costumer’s home.

Other administrator assignments

We provide administrator services to entrepreneurs which are mainly the following: examine the already installed softwares, system logging, and logging of virus removal, analysis of any logs there is, cleaning hardware, checking cables and IT devices.

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